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Jesus Swept by James Alexander Protzman

Midwest Book Review
Jesus Swept is an entertaining story filled with enthralling characters ranging from stereotypical hippies, would be messiahs, and even Jesus himself. Spiritual, philosophical, witty, entertaining, yet respectful, "Jesus Swept" takes the world of Christianity and turns it upside down in the most entertaining way possible.


Dear James,

I recently read Jesus Swept on my Kindle and really enjoyed it. I have a (perhaps, strange) weakness for novels that fictionalize Jesus and the gospels, and yours definitely hit the spot. It’s funny, poignant, well written.

I liked how the three characters take turns being Jesus, and their unusual friendship. When I told friends about the book, “Hook” and “Sinker” always got a laugh. And it was interesting to read about places on the coast I’ve heard of or seen. But, really, as I flip through it now (and digital flipping isn’t quite the same), I see many more gems than these.

I came across Jesus Swept while searching for works similar to my own novels Sandbox Buddha: A Horror Story and the sequel The Nun, the Alien, and the Amish Boy: Gospels, which I’m in the process of trying to get published. Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Greensboro twenty-five years ago to attend the MFA writing program at UNCG. I married a native, and the older of our two children starts UNCW in the fall. Where have the years gone?

Anyhow, it was exciting and reassuring to encounter a book that takes liberties with the Christ story, updating and exploring it with humor and sensitivity. I haven’t read that many: my first was Bach’s Illusions, then years later Moore’s Lamb (have you read it yet?), plus, of course, Last Temptation. Just finished Saramago’s The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (my Easter read), and I’m humbled. Whoa, that man could write. Lots of science fiction and fantasy has a messianic thrust, but you don’t run into much literary fiction that does.

Thought you might appreciate hearing from a fellow writer and open-minded, often skeptical but always hopelessly Christian. Hope all is well with your writing, family, etc.

Thank you,

Mark Fleming

A letter from a reader (January 2011):

It’s not too often I write an author after reading a book. Especially when it comes to fiction. Come to think of it, the last time was after reading a comic novel in my teens. Then again, it’s not too often that a book passes by that matches your all time favorite. And that’s what happened to me with Jesus Swept. One day I was browsing through Amazon looking for something to read, something apart from political science that is. I used A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole), my all time favorite, as a starting point. And your book showed up on the top of the list.

Although I didn’t start reading Jesus Swept at once, as soon as I did I was drawn in. Partly because of the characters, partly because of the story, but mostly because you write really well. In addition, the book made an impression on me, which is a sign of art (if you ask me, anyway). I’m not saying it changed my perspective on life or anything. But “Do good. Be nice. Have fun.” resonates with what I’ve always believed in myself. Follow those three guidelines and things will normally work out for the better. And if we all took those words to heed, well, it’s not exactly rocket science stating that the world would be a better place.

I’m looking forward to new books from you, sir.


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Do good. Be nice. Have fun.