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Jesus Swept by James Alexander Protzman

Midwest Book Review
Jesus Swept is an entertaining story filled with enthralling characters ranging from stereotypical hippies, would be messiahs, and even Jesus himself. Spiritual, philosophical, witty, entertaining, yet respectful, "Jesus Swept" takes the world of Christianity and turns it upside down in the most entertaining way possible.


James Protzman

I’m a freelance writer who has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1977. My first novel, Jesus Swept, was published in 2008.  When I’m not writing fiction I’m either blogging or working for hire.

I was educated in the public schools of Hampton, Virginia, the US Naval Academy, and the UNC School of Journalism. Today I’m married to Jane Brown, a professor who studies adolescents, sexuality and the media. We have a daughter in college, a thirty-something son, and a long-haired dachshund named Jack.

You can find me at Facebook and in politics. I practice writing at this website. Reach me here.